Music plays such an important part of the flow of your Hudson Valley Wedding. How many slow songs? How many fast songs? Will my guests like this? When would a good time to play this be? What are your thoughts on (enter artist here).

We hear it all the time.. This. Is. So. HARD! Couples all over the Hudson Valley while planning their wedding and what many feel one of the most important aspects of their special day is the music. Music changes mood and sets the tone of your wedding! Fun and exciting. Romantic. Elegant. A variety of music is utilized to keep the flow of the event consistent and keep people wanting more! At Enriquez Entertainment we take great pride in the soundtrack of your wedding. Fresh & Funky. Simple & Elegant. Whatever YOU choose. The soundtrack and music should represent you. Remember, this is YOUR day. A great Wedding DJ can work with you to ensure that your party does not get boring, or too over wound, You will need the great mix that comes from his or her experience.We are here to make sure the wedding is picture perfect and how you have it planned. If you want Frank Sinatra and customary dinner favorites.. great! If you want to rock out to some Coldplay; fantastic!

Your guests remember three things at a wedding;

1 – How Beautiful the Bride looks

2 – Whether the food is good (they won’t remember what they had due to the consumption of alcoholic..err… we mean kool-aid beverages!)

And finally…

3 – If they had a great time – That is where the DJ/Entertainment comes in. At Enriquez Entertainment, we customize each wedding experience for our couples to compliment the vision you have for your day. We don’t want your guests to have a great time; they will have an UNFORGETTABLE experience with the Hudson Valley’s Most Dynamic Wedding DJ’s – Enriquez Entertainment! We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!


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